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The most important teaching technique

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You need to study all your life. But in order to learn correctly, you need to know special techniques. We have read the book by the American scientist and writer Bradley States “Never Stop Learning” and today we will tell you about one of them. It is that for effective lifelong learning we need to … just ask questions.

Children constantly ask questions, this is their way of knowing the world. Adults ask little, often confining themselves to one answer and not going further. Bradley States believes that when doing any work, we should ask ourselves if we did everything right, and take the time to check everything again before putting an end to it.

At Toyota production, a continuous learning system is adopted – kaizen. It is based on the fact that you need to question every process, at least slightly improve it every day. Haste will not lead to good, it is better to calmly and slowly analyze your actions and make the necessary adjustments to them.

Many people are embarrassed to ask questions, especially to their bosses, believing that by doing so they will anger the boss or show their lack of understanding. Research in large companies has shown that most people, both bosses and rank-and-file, love to be asked about something.

It is also good for business — asking questions can help you identify problems and bottlenecks. We try to limit the number of questions we ask ourselves in order to save time. Even when we look for additional information, it can still be biased. This is especially true of political events. As a rule, we are not looking for objective facts in the press or social networks, but those that confirm our beliefs.

Therefore, we draw information from sources that we like, we ask the opinion of people who are ready to agree with us about anything, and not impartial interlocutors who will say what they think. In order to form an objective picture of the world, it is important to know different points of view, so learn not only to speak, but also to listen and ask questions, the author advises.

and the most important thing! Never stop learning!

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