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Prevent calcium deficiency with a solution for dietary cation anion difference

Every dairy cow needs calcium. It is an essential mineral for the animals. For any farmer it is important to keep an eye on the calcium intake of their dairy cows. Calcium is one of the building blocks in producing a good milk. Kimtec International is specialized in providing solutions for feeding high-quality food rich in minerals for dairy cows. They offer additives and supplements that are state-of-the-art. They are suitable for maintaining animal health. More specifically, this company focusses on maintaining the optimal dietary cation anion difference. If you do not know how to maintain this optimal level or if you need help in doing so, then Kimtec International is your perfect partner.

Keep the dietary cation anion difference optimal during calving as well

If a cow is calving, the calcium demand is at its highest. It will need a lot of calcium for herself and her calf. The dietary cation anion difference needs to be optimal for the health of both animals. In these times, these animals are quite vulnerable. If the dietary cation anion difference gets too high, the cow can contract severe milk fever. If the calcium levels are off, you can contact Kimtec International. This company can restore the calcium levels by providing anionic salts. Usually, if you give dry cow ration to a cow with a high calcium demand, then you create an alkaloid metabolic state. In other words, the parathyroid hormone receptors are not functioning as they should. Because of this, the animal cannot mobilize calcium to meet its demands. The nutritional additives and supplements of this company can help you out in a significant way.

Ask for the options

Kimtec International offers several solutions to a dietary cation anion difference that is off. Creating an optimal level is what this company specializes in. If you want to know which solutions to a dietary cation anion difference they offer, just contact them.