More storage for every laptop


Hard drive caddy

A hard drive caddy is actually the same as a HDD Caddy or a HD Caddy. A hard drive caddy has an external case, this external case as the same size as de external case of a DVD player. This makes it possible that it is very easy to put a hard drive disc in the hard drive caddy and then you can put the hard drive caddy into your laptop, at the place of the DVD player. You do not need an electronic knowledge to do this. It is very easy; you have to remove your DVD player from your laptop. After the first step, you put the hard drive caddy in the slot of your DVD player. The hard drive caddy must include with the hard drive disc. This is a smart idea. When your laptop has not enough memory, for example to download movies or pictures, you create more memory with the hard drive caddy. You can choose also for a good SDD caddy, this is better for the speed of your laptop. The speed of your laptop with a SDD is much better than without a SDD caddy.

The size of a hard drive caddy

For every laptop it is possible to use a hard drive caddy, that is a very good thing. Everyone who has not enough memory can use a hard drive caddy to creates more memory. It does not matter of which brand your laptop is, every brand laptop will work with a hard drive caddy. The only condition of your laptop is that when you will use a hard drive caddy, your laptop must have a DVD player. However, the most laptops have a DVD player so there is no problem to use a hard drive caddy. You can choose one of the two sizes of the hard drive caddies. The first size of the hard drive caddy is a size of 9,5 mm and the second size of the hard drive caddy is a size of 12,7 mm. You have to know what is the best size for your laptop. You can Google or you can ask the mark of your laptop. You can simply measure the size of your DVD player. That is needed because your DVD player has the same size as the hard drive caddy which you need.

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