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Magnet fishing – a life-threatening hobby

A man pulls a metal object from a magnet fishing sets
Magnetic anglers pull all sorts of things from the waters of Lower Saxony – sometimes they are safes, sometimes wheels and electrical parts. But beware: the self-proclaimed treasure hunters live dangerously. It is not uncommon for them to have weapons or even live grenades on their lines. The district of Osterholz in the north of Bremen and the police there have jointly warned against magnetic fishing, as NDR 1 Lower Saxony reports. The hobby is life-threatening, they said – and it is also banned in Lower Saxony.

Up to 250,000 euros fine
If ammunition remnants or grenades get caught in the nets of the “fishermen”, the advice is to keep your distance. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service warned against touching suspicious objects or even taking them with you. The police should be informed immediately, it said. So it’s best to look for another pastime. Because magnetic fishing is not only dangerous, but also expensive: If you are caught in a violation, you could face a fine of up to 250,000 euros.

unlike normal fishing, magnet fishing is extremely dangerous. Because instead of carp, pike and eels, old shells and ammunition from the Second World War can stick to the magnet. In February, a magnet fisherman had an experience he would gladly have done without: he fished a pistol out of the Main River near Veitshöchheim (Würzburg district).

Magnetic anglers use strong magnets attached to lines to pull all kinds of metal scrap out of the water – a fairly inexpensive hobby that has been in vogue for some time. But the police investigate magnet fishermen time and again. So far this year, in a total of two cases, last year there were ten. According to investigators, magnet fishermen have pulled grenades out of the water six times and an explosive device once. Both the Lower Franconia police headquarters and the Schweinfurt water police therefore warn against the hobby. Especially in the greater Würzburg area, there is still a high potential of danger due to the bombing of the city on March 16, 1945.