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Looking for advice about the Dutch M-form? This company near Nijmegen can assist you

Have you ever heard of the Dutch M-form? You probably have if you are an expat that has to file a tax return (for the first time). If you, as a result of your migration, have not spent the entire year within Dutch borders, you are required to use the M-form. The government recently added the option to fill out the form digitally. However, one difficulty remains: the document is only available in Dutch. Do you not speak the Dutch language or do you simply not have the time to complete this large document of dozens of pages? Then you are at the right place at Witlox International Tax Advice, a specialist near Nijmegen that will fill out the Dutch M-form for you.

The advantages of this specialist in tax-related matters at a glance

Are you looking for a company that can complete your Dutch M-form in Nijmegen or a nearby city? Then you should contact Witlox International Tax Advice in Oss, an agency that specializes in tax-related matters for expats since 2000. You benefit from many advantages if you use this company’s services, such as:

  • Assistance of a specialist with extensive knowledge due to years of experience in all matters that expats have to take care of
  • A personal approach and one-on-one contact
  • Helpful and reliable advices that is tailored to your specific situation

Available for all your tax-related questions

Would you like to know more about the Dutch M-form or the other services of this company near Nijmegen? Please visit the website for an overview of all services or feel free to reach out to Witlox International Tax Advice via the contact details on its website. This specialist will happily answer all your tax-related questions to make your experience as an expat in the Netherlands as enjoyable as possible.